Papuli Restaurant

Serbia, 24400 Senta, Poštanska 46

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • 800 RSD

    Stuffed chicken breast

    cutlet with smoked collar bacon and cheese filling. Special preparation, exquisite flavour. Very abundant!

  • 700 RSD

    Bacon wrapped chicken breast

    chicken breast fillets wrapped in bacon and grilled on a skewer

  • 700 RSD

    Chicken thigh

    chicken thigh fillets with garlic dressing

  • 700 RSD

    Bacon wrapped chicken liver

    chicken liver wrapped in bacon with abundant garlic dressing, grilled on a skewer

  • 600 RSD


    grilled dish of minced meat, characteristic of the Balkans

  • 700 RSD

    Gourmet pljeskavica

    pljeskavica filled with smoked collar bacon and fresh hot pepper. Very spicy, very abundant!

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Free home delivery, on the territory of Senta.

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