Papuli Restaurant

Serbia, 24400 Senta, Poštanska 46

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • 750 RSD

    Pork tenderlion

    simple but particularly nice

  • 600 RSD


    grilled dish of minced meat, characteristic of the Balkans

  • 600 RSD


    with onions it is one of the favourite dishes in our region

  • 750 RSD

    Pljeskavica with cheese

    the well-known pljeskavica with sour cream and cheese spread on it

  • 750 RSD

    Mediterranean chicken breast

    grilled chicken breast with melted cheese, garnished with grilled tomatoes and seasoned with oregano

  • 1200 RSD

    Fillet catfish

    recommended breaded or à l’Orly- that is, coated in a special beer pasta

Call Us: +381 (024) 81 16 51

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